Welcome to Memo.

We are Peter and Richard. We live and work in the UK but we also have a presence in the United States. We took part in YCombinator's Summer 2020 programme.

Memo was born because we are both frustrated by communication tools on offer. We feel we have built something that better serves our needs.

We realised, with the help of Cal Newport's book Deep Work that we had been trying to reclaim our focus in roles at other companies all along and now we had a name for it (deep work) and a practical guide to achieving it.

Our need and the inspiration came together in the summer of 2020 and Memo started to take shape. It began life as 'Calm', the theory being we needed to calm down communication. Later on we changed the name to Plum Mail because it sounded cool but finally we settled on Memo because memos are a type of longform communication which is exactly the kind of thing Memo can be used for.

Peter is Memo's technical lead while Richard does design. Together we share in and work towards our mission to reclaim focus. If you would like to know more about our product design philosophy please read our mission statement. We have opinions about attention grabbing technologies and data-privacy.

We are inspired by the Centre for Humane Technology as well as the afore mentioned thoughts of Cal Newport on digital minimalism and deep work.

If you would like to chat about Memo, healthy digital well being or deep work we would love to meet you. You can reach out to us here: sendmemo.app/team

Finally, the whole point of building technology that helps people reclaim their focus is to have more quality time for things we care about. Whether that's the head-space to learn a new skill, the inspiration to be creative, focus time to deliver on a promise or time to simply get outdoors, we care deeply about these things as individuals and hopefully we can share that with you.

Peter and Richard

P.S. we write a weekly update for enthusiasts, if you would like to receive a copy please let us know here.

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