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Shared inbox

Memo offers a super simple shared inbox so multiple people can read and respond to emails.

It is easy to see what's been responded to and what hasn't. Individuals reply as themselves.

Use your shared inbox alongside your contact page e.g. sendmemo.app/team

Highlighted Questions

Make your call to action stand out to capture the information you need.

Highlighted questions have a higher response rate than regular questions. They also help identify tasks more easily.

Quote in reply

Respond inline faster with Memo's quote in reply shortcut.

Quotes are deep-linked to their origin even if the quote is from a different conversation. Inline replies add context and structure to longform messages.

Live attachments

Share live attachments inline where they make most sense.

Request files be uploaded direct to your Google Drive from within a Memo.

Rich email content

Enrich your communication with media so readers can consume what you're sharing without getting distracted.

Memo builds a rich link preview for every link shared but we have unique previews for Google Photos, YouTube, Loom, Vimeo and XKCD with more to come.

Personal contact page

Create a personal contact message that lets others know how best to reach you.

It helps filter out unwanted messages and gets the conversation off to a great start on your terms. For example try; sendmemo.app/richard

Drag & drop content

Grab paragraphs with your clicker and drag them to reorder while you're writing your message.

Text-editing should be hassle-free, drag and drop replaces awkwardly copy/pasting words to shuffle things around.

Easy groups

Memo makes email groups a doddle. No more 'please reply all' or confusion over CC and BCC.

Create groups and easily start new conversations within those groups.


Memo replaces 'unread email' with 'outstanding conversations'.

Read things, leave then return when you're ready without ever having to 'mark things as unread'.

Memo's outstanding message state helps you manage actions in your inbox with less effort.

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