Memo is a smarter way to communicate with your friends, fans and team.

Start a Conversation

More Than Just Words

Memo enrinches your conversations making it super easy to share links, videos, galleries and loads more...

React, Answer, Comment

Comment on any word, sentence or paragraph in Memo messages, it makes replying to chunky messages a breeze.

And, when you ask a question, it is automatically highlighted to the reader for a direct response.

Watch a Memo Demo

Your Friends Are Already Here

Got an email address? You got Memo.

Connect with anyone. Pop in your mate's email address, start writing and Memo does the rest. No invite needed.

"Been using Memo lately and the explicit replies to questions is so clever."

Louis Pilfold

"Memo is really cool with multiple threads to discuss, makes life so much simpler."


"Memo is massively improving the incoming messages from my followers."


"This is very awesome! I get a fill in box to answer your questions!"

Diana Narahara

"I would like to find an email replacement. Memo is a great tool to solve this problem."

Adontai Mason

"I am using Memo because it means to get back quality time."

Emmanuele Serafini

Everyday Memos

Organising a great trip

Organising a trip is a lot of fun in Memo. It's super easy to create a message group and share links to hotels or attractions.

You know those super long links? Well, Memo makes them real pretty and pulls in a picture automatically too.

The world is your oyster!

Connecting with friends

Email is way too formal and texting is too bitty. In Memo, you can connect properly with your friends and family.

Share a photo gallery from your holidays or ask Grandma to send you that recipe you've been meaning to do.

Why not set up a family group in Memo that your relatives can actually use?

Getting stuff done

Use Memo to have those important conversations in life.

Tired of your accountant not answering your questions in email?

Memo highlights every question to your reader until they are answered

Next time you need professional advice, send a Memo.

For Individuals

Perfect for personal use and free forever. Use Memo to chat with your favourite people.

You can start writing to your friends and family today using their email addresses and it doesn't matter one jot if they use Memo yet or not.

For Influencers

Create your public contact page and start every conversation with a warm intro.

Fantastic for managing incoming fanmail and support requests because you can pre-empt their questions and encourage self-help before their message ever hits your inbox.

For Teams

Memo in the workplace is a welcome alternative to email and Slack.

Memo's features can help teams communicate without distractions.

Teachers and managers can also use Memo to communicate with groups, request files and assign questions to individuals.

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